B.A. Graphic Design
M.A. Digital Libraries and Information Services


I care about the management and organization of digital content and delivering that content to end-users in a consumable way.


My interest in the many forms digital libraries can take is centered on providing back-end operational and technical support for the creation of sustainable workflows and delivery of meaningful information to various stakeholders. I am excited about the development of information products which pose contingency challenges and facilitate new business and distribution models, and which enable access and discoverability of content. I have experience in acquisition and management of digital content from various providers, creating and handling metadata while observing strict standards, troubleshooting, producing documentation, delivering training, as well as communicating effectively and considering design and usability in the process.


If you want to talk digital for 10 minutes, let’s do it offline. Message me on Linkedin or Twitter.
Also you can find me on GitHub.